Three Things a New Realtor Should Do

Have you recently passed your real estate exam and now you are a new Realtor? Do you have a new Realtor in your office or know someone that is new to real estate? I want to talk about three things a new Realtor should do to be successful in their new career.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to be a part-time Realtor or full-time there are a few things you need to be doing to be successful. This information will also be good to read over even if you have been a Realtor for many years. I promise you will find this information helpful.

1. Set Goals!

The first of the three things a new Realtor should do is SET GOALS! This is easy to say but it actually is harder than you think. I spent the first many years of my real estate career with ZERO goals and I didn’t get too much done in those years. This is probably the most important thing a Realtor can do.

You need to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. You need to keep track of your progress all along the way too. It may seem crazy to set goals for all four of these time frames but each one is very important to your success. Lets look at each one a little closer to get a better idea of how your goals should look.

Daily Goals

This is the most important category. If you set daily goals and accomplish these goals everyday you will be the most successful Realtor in town. Now it is impossible to reach your daily goal every single day but you should try your best and accomplish it most of the time.

Some examples of daily goals:

  • 5 outgoing/cold calls.
  • Talk to a minimum of 3 prospects.
  • Write and Send 5 prospecting emails.
  • Write and send 3 expired listings letters.
  • Check new listing in your area.

These are just a few examples. You may notice I didn’t say “Sell one house today” that is because its not likely as a new agent that this could be a daily goal for you. But if you accomplish you daily goals consistently you will be on the right tract to get more listings and sell more homes.

Weekly Goals

This category will expand on your daily goals and help you to reach your monthly goals. Again, this is a very important step.

Examples of weekly goals:

  • 2 showings.
  • Grow your network by 2 people.
  • Grow your Social Media presence (3 posts a week, etc.).
  • Organize your work and home office.

Again, these are just examples. You may want to do more in each of these areas and you may want to add other topics to your weekly goals.

Your daily and weekly goals will set you up to accomplish you monthly and years goals. You may be thinking that the daily and weekly goals won’t make you any money but it is the foundation of every successful Realtor. These goals will put in place the things that need to happen to get you on the path of making money.

Monthly Goals

Now we are going to see the goals that directly reflect making money but I want to stress that without setting and accomplishing your daily and weekly goals you will find it extremely hard to conquer these goals.

Examples of monthly goals:

  • 2 Listing appointments
  • 3 Offers
  • Review and organize new prospects
  • Review a portion of your contract list (A-G contacts)
  • Make edits and update website/social media pages

If you are a new Realtor you may be thinking that going on 2 listing appoints seems impossible or writing 3 offers in one month is crazy. I assure you that it is not, veteran Realtors will do this all in one day, on occasion.

The truth is that these goals are very possible for even a new Realtor IF you consistently set and accomplish your daily and weekly goals.

Yearly Goals

Finally, the yearly goals. This is something you want to start planning in December (or earlier) of the year before. It is important to have these yearly goals in place and it is also important to take a look at them on a regular basis.

Examples of yearly goals:

  • List 10 Homes
  • Sell 15 Homes
  • Build a contact list of 100
  • Increase your social media following by 500
  • Build a professional referral list (Inspectors, lenders, contractors, etc.)

There are so many more items you might want to add to your yearly goals especially if it is your first year. These are goals that you will be working towards all year long and they should help you to keep motivated.

2. Be Aggressive

The second of the three things a new Realtor should do is to be aggressive. What I mean is don’t be passive. Don’t get in the habit of thinking it can get done later or I will get to it tomorrow. When you are growing your own business as a Realtor if you don’t make it happen today then you will find yourself a day behind.

Let’s look at some areas you can be aggressive and not passive.

Use Your Phone

Be very aggressive with your phone. You have to kill it with your availability and the best way is to pick up the phone every single time the phone rings. I don’t care if you don’t recognize the number or its out of town or if you answered three telemarketers in a row, PICK UP THE PHONE!

The one call you ignore may be the one person that wanted to list their home and they may list it with the very next Realtor they call after you don’t pick up.

You also need to be aggressive with your outbound calls. Don’t ever be afraid to make a call. Call everyone, old prospects, FSBO, old clients, new leads and even cold leads need a call. I once called a homeowner once every two weeks for four months, you have to do what it takes!

Market Yourself

This was something that I had to learn to be good at. I didn’t think that marketing myself would work or maybe that I wasn’t good enough to be marketed. I eventually found out that marketing myself is key to building my real estate business.

Why you might ask? I find that most people want to deal with a person not a big corporation. No matter what company you are with most people want to and need to deal with you personally. Real estate is a person business.

How do you market yourself?

Online marketing is the easiest and most productive way to market yourself. You will want to make a professional social media presence. You can do this on any platform but I suggest starting with the one you feel more comfortable with. For me this was Facebook. You can choose to use your own profile or make a professional page or even both.

What ever route you go make sure you are present daily on it (make sure you are not spamming everyone thought). Original content is the best and will get you the most traction.

You may also want to spend some money on some online ads. Again, there are many options for this with Google, Bing or many other but again I would suggest starting with your social media accounts. It will be the easiest way to start and you will get good return on your investment this way.

Remind Everyone You are a Realtor!

Don’t be afraid, actually be aggressive in reminding everyone that you are a Realtor. There is absolutely nothing worse than hear a friend or family member tell you they just bought or sold a house and they didn’t use you.

You need to make sure you are aggressive about staying fresh in everyone’s mind. When anyone you know thinks about real estate the first thing they think of should be you.

When talking to your friends and family you need to bring up the fact that you are a Realtor. Make sure you are not a jerk about it though.

3. Don’t Give Up!

Finally, the last of the three things a new Realtor should do to be successful is Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up! I guarantee you that there will be really tough days, weeks and even months but if you keep working hard towards your goals and stay aggressive you can be successful!

You need to remind yourself everyday why you are a Realtor. Maybe it is to support yourself and family or its your passion or you love helping other people, whatever it is remind yourself every day. This will help you to stay motivated and help you to never give up!

Being a Realtor is great, it’s a great career and a wonderful lifestyle. It will be worth all the time and energy you put into it, I promise!

So good luck in your career and remember these three things a new Realtor should do! IF you want more insight into the life of a Realtor read my article “What a Buyer Expects From Their Realtor”.

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