The One Thing Realtors Fail At

There is one thing Realtors fail at that leaves money out of their pocket. If you are a Realtor you can do this one thing better to gain more commission checks.

There are many things that can be improved to get more commission checks but I want to focus on the one thing that doesn’t cost any money and only takes a small amount of time. I see this all the time and every agent can improve on it.

So, what is the one thing Realtors fail at? What is the one thing we can do better?

Pick Up the Phone!

Now some Realtors are going to think, “I do good at this”. The truth is, we all can do better at this. I can’t tell you have many times that I call a Realtor and get no answer. As a Realtor, every single time your phone rings it has a possibility to be a future sale which means a commission check for you!

 Even out of town callers may be a buyer looking to move to your area. Caller ID is great except when you use it as an excuse to not pick up a phone call. If you don’t recognize the number pick it up anyways, you never know.

I have had more then one out of town numbers call and I pick up and it is someone looking to buy in my area. One time I even got a listing from an out of town number. A man had to sell his mothers home that was located in my area and he lived in a different state. He called me, I picked up and I got a great listing. I Sold it 30 minutes after I put the sign in the yard.

When the phone rings pick it up.

Out-Going Calls

This is the one thing that I fail at. Picking up the phone means more then just when it rings. You also need to pick up the phone and make some calls.

I am not the best at making cold calls but we need to do this to keep the commission checks coming in. If a Realtor gets the phone number of a potential client, seller or buyer we need to pick up the phone and give them a call.

Remember we are not telemarketers, we are Realtors! We are trying to assist the potential client in reaching their goal of buying or selling a home. We are simply offering our service and knowledge.

Follow Up

The last item in the topic of picking up the phone is following up. Call people back and then call them back again. You need to pick up the phone and call people back.

If someone leaves you a message call them back as soon as you can. Don’t wait too long. The longer you wait the more time they have to call a different Realtor. Don’t give them that opportunity.

If you have a cold lead you need to check on them regularly. I tend to do 7-10 days and I find that works pretty good. If it is a really cold lead that can’t buy or sell for 6 months then you might be able to do about 14 days or so but you want to call them enough to stay on top of their mind.

You also want to show your potential clients that you will put the effort in to successfully help them reach their goals. Even as a Realtor I get other Realtors that never pick up their phones or take too long to call back. I get that people are busy but if you want to be a successful Realtor you need to make yourself stand out as the Realtor that can always be reached!

Picking up the phone in my opinion is the one thing Realtors fail at and we miss commission checks by doing this. If you want more helpful information on how to be more successful check out Three Things a New Realtor Should Do. Even if you are not a new Realtor this article will help you make more money as a Realtor.

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