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Rental Application – Here is the basic rental application that I use for my potential tenants. Remember you should still do a background and credit check on anyone you plan to rent to.

Example Rental Welcome Letter – I like to leave my new tenant with a letter like this to remind them of the important details of the lease agreement.

Move in Check List – This list is given to the potential tenant when submitting their application, it simply lets them know what they need to do before they could move in.

RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT – I use a lease agreement similar to this one. It covers everything in detail. I had a lawyer write it up for me a few years ago and I have used it many times. You may want to have a lawyer look it over to make sure it meets all the requirements for your specific location.

End of Lease Inspection – I use this for my quarterly inspections as well as my end of lease inspection. It is very basic and straightforward but it does the job for me.

Rental Monthly Budget – This is a PDF format of the spreadsheet I use to keep track of my monthly expenses for my Rentals.

Yearly Rental Budget – This is a PDF format of the spreadsheet I use for the cash flow of my rental properties. This is a huge help come tax time.

Gross-Net Income – This form will help you calculate the value in a rental property. It proves very helpful when looking to purchase more rentals.

Flip Budget – This is a PDF format of the spreadsheet I use on my fix and flips. It is very basic but sometimes simple is better. On occasion I have needed to add a couple new categories but this is the bones of the budget.

Most of these are basic and standard but I like to keep things simple. I would like to point out that while I am an experienced Realtor and Real Estate Investor I an NOT a lawyer. I am not providing anyone with any legal advice and I suggest that you have a lawyer look over any contract you plan to use.

I hope that you find this material useful and remember to sign up, using your email address. Thank you!

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