REVIEW: NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This product review is on the NuTone brand Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light. I will to help you determine if the NuTone brand is a good quality brand. I will be referring to the NuTone 50 CFM Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light because I have personal experience with this specific model.

I have installed two of these NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Lights in my own home and a few of them in my rental properties. I have also installed other models from NuTone and they are all good quality products.

If you need to go with higher volume fan for a bigger bathroom or if you would like a nicer looking style NuTone makes those too.

  1. NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Quality

Duct Size –                               4”

Bulb Watts –                            100 watts

Volts –                                     110

Manufactures Warranty –      1 Year

Room Size –                             43 Sq Ft (5’ 6” x 8’ room)

Consumer Rating –                 4.3 Out of 5 (217 Reviews)

Sound Level –                          2.5 Sones

Overview – NuTone makes different models for larger bathrooms up to 120 Square Feet or about a 10’ by 12’ bathroom Like the NuTone 130 CFM model. This 50 CFM is a little on the smaller size, but it does nicely for a standard small bathroom.

The sound or noise level of the 50 CFM it is slightly on the louder side. The NuTone 130 CFM has a better sound rating of 1.5 and it is energy efficient. I personally don’t mind the slightly louder bathroom fan, it makes the bathroom feel a little more private and I can sing a little louder in the shower this way.

The ability to use a 100-watt light bulb in it is very nice, it will brighten up your entire bathroom or shower. If you wire the unit into a GFCI protected line you can even install this bathroom exhaust fan in the shower or bath which will really brighten up the place.

I have not had any mechanical issues with any of the fans I have installed, and some have been in use for six or seven years. I have noticed that it will go through light bulbs quickly if you buy the standard incandescent bulbs but if you go with the LED light bulbs then they last quite a bit longer.

  1. NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Value

NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Price –         $35

This specific model of the NuTone brand is a “Cheaper” model. It makes it a great choice for rental properties.

HINT: The first thing I do to any investment property I buy is install a bathroom exhaust fan with light. I also wire it so that the fan comes on with the light so that the renter has no choice but to have the exhaust fan on when taking a shower. This will save you money down the road with avoiding water damage and mold issues.

Sometimes when you buy the lower priced item you get a lower quality item. With the NuTone brand this doesn’t seem to be the case. All the ones I have installed are still working like new. The price compared to the quality makes it a great buy and a great value, in my opinion.

  1. NuTone Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Skill Level –     Intermediate

Time –             2 to 4 Hours

Installation of a bathroom exhaust fan will require doing some electrical work. It is just simply connecting the Hot, Neutral and Ground wires, it is beginner electric work but if you are not comfortable with electric work you should call in a professional.

In most areas all electrical work is required to be done by a licensed electrician. Make sure you know and understand your local building code.

The 50 CFM bathroom exhaust fan is not a retro fit fan. This means you will have to go up into the attic space above the bathroom and attach the fan housing to the ceiling joists. You will also need to connect the electric wires in the attic space about the unit as well.

The NuTone 110 CFM Roomside Bathroom Exhaust Fan is a retro fit or “roomside” installation unit. This means if you already have a bathroom fan in place and you need to replace it you can do all the work from right inside the bathroom.

You can buy the NuTone 50 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light at your local Home Depot, you can also order online (by clicking one of the links here) and pick up in store (where available). They will get it ready for you, when you show up you will go to the pick-up desk and it will be waiting for you. You don’t have to waste any time looking through the store.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have a Nutone Fan in your home and what you think of it.


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