REVIEW: LED Light Fixture

Today I want to do a product review on LED Light Fixtures and help you decide “Are they worth it”? I have routinely used two brands Commercial Electric and Hampton Bay. Both Commercial Electric LED light fixtures and Hampton Bay LED light fixtures and good products. I will discuss the Quality, Value and Installation of Commercial Electric and Hampton Bay and give you a comparison. You can find both lighting products at HOME DEPOT.

I have installed this both Hampton Bay and Commercial Electric LED light fixtures in a few different properties including my own home. I have also installed other brands and non-LED light fixtures from these companies but today I am going to just focus on the LED Flush Mount Light Fixture.

  1. LED Light Fixture Quality

Commercial Electric

Size –                                        11 Inch

Watts –                                    120

Lumens –                                 1097

Manufactures Warranty –      3 Year

Consumer Rating –                 4.3 Out of 5

Hampton Bay

Size –                                        13 Inch

Watts –                                    360

Lumens –                                 1370

Manufactures Warranty –      5 Year Limited

Consumer Rating –                 4.5 Out of 5

Overview –      As you can see these are not the exact same light fixtures. Hampton Bay an 11-inch 120 Watt LED Light so I am comparing the most commonly installed light fixture that is close in size.

Hampton Bay and Commercial Electric are both high quality products. I have used both and have had no problems with either brand. I have never had any come with defects or issues out of the box. They have held up well and are working just as they should be, just like new.

I have used these in Fix and Flips, Rentals and my own home and I don’t think I will go back to standard light fixtures. The LED light fixtures are much brighter and use less energy.

  1. LED Light Fixture Value

Commercial Electric –                         $32-$35

Hampton Bay –                                   $40-$50

Now you need to take into consideration that the Hampton Bay LED light fixture is bigger and brighter. You will pay for this though. It costs more upfront and the monthly cost to run is just slightly higher do to the nearly 300 more Lumens.

The Hampton Bay is an Energy Star rated light fixture. When it comes to monthly savings, both products will save you a little money each month. You won’t see big savings unless you exchange all your light fixtures with LED fixtures.

  1. LED Light Fixture Installation

Skill Level –     Intermediate

Time –             15 Minutes

Installing LED light fixtures is the same as installing any light fixture. The only difference is that there is no bulb to screw in. These units are usually slightly lighter than a standard light fixture which makes it a littler easier to install.

In most areas all electrical work is required to be done by a licensed electrician. Make sure you know and understand your local building code.

You can buy Commercial Electric and Hampton Bay LED Light Fixtures at your local Home Depot, you can also order online (by clicking one of the links here) and pick up in store (where available). They will get it ready for you, when you show up you will go to the pick-up desk and it will be waiting for you. You don’t have to waste any time looking through the store.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have LED Light Fixtures in your home and what you think of it.

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