Mid-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

We are about halfway through this winter season. Did you know that there are things you need to check during the Winter season in your home? I have five quick and easy Mid-Winter Home Maintenance Tips to help your home stay safe and warm!

The mid-winter home maintenance tips that I am going to go over will help your home stay warmer, safer and they will help you save money on utility bills as well.

1. Check Your Furnace

If you had your HVAC guy do a furnace tune up at the beginning of Winter or in the fall, then I applaud you! You should have your furnace checked and tuned up at a minimum of once a year.

If you have central air condition you should think about having your heating and cooling system check twice a year, once in Spring and once in the Fall.

If you want to take on this task yourself check out my article “How to Tune Up Your Furnace”.

Having your Heating and Cooling system inspected and tuned up should be a winter home maintenance tip you shouldn’t skip!

2. Replace Furnace Filter

This winter home maintenance tip goes along with the first tip. Do you know the lifespan of you furnace filter?

Furnace filters come in all different sizes and qualities, with that comes different life expectancies. Some filters need replaced as often as every 3 months.

If you don’t know the lifespan of your furnace filter my mid-winter home maintenance tip is to check the filter and replace if needed!

3. Check Pipes

By now the harsh winter temperatures have set in and are hopefully are for the most part over with.

Now is the perfect time to check all your pipes, supply lines and drains to make sure there was no freezing issues that may have caused cracks or leaks.

If there was a big leak, I’m sure you would have noticed it right away but sometimes there will be a very small pinhole created that just slowly drips and can go unnoticed for weeks or even months.

A good habit to get into is a mid-winter inspection of all your pipes in your home.

4. Check for Damage

Winter freezing and unfreezing can cause extreme damage.

Just look at the roads in your town. By now you must have hit a few potholes that have almost swallowed your whole car and left your upset that your tax money isn’t being used to fix it.

The same amount of damage can be done to your own home. Sidewalks, driveways garages and patios can crack and lift if water gets in and freezes. Your chimney and if you have a brick home the same issues can happen to the brick.

Ice damming on the eves and gutters can cause roof, soffit and gutter damage.

You will want to inspect the exterior of your home and fix any issues you find at the earliest time possible (usually dry and above 40-degree temps).

A winter home maintenance tip you don’t want to skip is checking around your home for damage.

5. Lubricate the Garage Door

You may have heard, on one of the cold days we had so far, your garage door struggling to open or close.

This happens when the grease starts to freeze, or you may just not have the proper amount of grease. The grease allows the garage door mechanisms to move freely. It may be time to grease and inspect your garage door.

If you are not sure how to do this, it is really simple, and I have an article “How to Lubricate Your Garage Door” that will show you step by step how to grease the garage door.

These are my five mid-winter home maintenance tips to help your home stay warmer and prevent future damage.

Leave me a comment bellow and let me know if there are important mid-winter home maintenance tips that I left off the list.

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