Increase Your Home’s Value with Home Maintenance

Ready to increase your home’s value? Have you been trying to figure out how to raise the value of your home? Then I have the answer for you. You can increase your home’s value with doing some home maintenance.

Doing just some simple home maintenance projects can increase your home value significantly.

If you are thinking of selling your home, then increasing the value of your home is a great way to make more on the sale and get a better net profit.

Even if you are not thinking of moving you may want to increase your home’s value to help build the equity in your home. You can use the equity to get a loan for various reason but even if you don’t need or want the money right now having the equity available can be a life saver.

If you are ready to increase your home’s value keep reading my FIVE tips to increase home value with home maintenance.

1. Power Wash Your Home

A home with mildew and mold on the vinyl siding looks run down and unkept. This will cause the value of the home to greatly decrease. In my area a home that looks like it is unkept and in disrepair the value will decrease up to 10%.

Just by simply power washing your home you will increase your homes value by up to 10%.

Your home’s siding will appear newer and more valuable. Your home will now look clean, fresh and well kept. All of this improves your Curb Appeal and increases your home’s value.

2. Paint

I am referring to painting inside and outside. If you paint yourself then you can have a very low investment with a huge return on investment. If you pay a professional to paint you will still have a good return on investment just not as good if you painted yourself.

If you have painted wood siding and you have just power washed it like I suggested in point number one, then you should inspect the siding for chipping and peeling.

If your home’s siding is chipping or peeling, you need to repaint.

If you haven’t painted the interior of you home in the last 5-7 years, then you can increase your home’s value by applying a new coat of paint.

There are so many real estate investors that “Fix and Flip” houses just by doing simply things like painting. They increase the value of the home and resell it for a profit with these little tasks like carpet and paint. Yes, there are some investors doing more then just these simply things, but there are plenty that are making good money doing it this way.

3. Replace Lighting

This is a home value increasing technique that is very often over looked.

You can improve the whole look and feel of your home by installing new light fixtures.

I always suggest getting the new LED light fixtures (click the link to read my review), they are brighter, and they also save you money on your electric bills every month. A brighter home appears newer, cleaner and well maintained.

When I buy a property, this is one of the first things I do. I like a bright home and I love the new LED light fixtures. If you are not careful you can spend quite a bit of money on light fixtures but if you do it right, it can increase your home value enough to make it worth it.

4. Landscaping

This is where you can spend a little and increase your home value a great deal.

Yes, you can spend thousands and thousands on landscaping but that is not what we are trying to do here. I want you to make small changes that improves your homes value and will allow you to Sell Your Home for More!

Simplifying your flower beds can help. Too much is not a good thing here. Once you clear out your flower beds a little then you should try adding some color.

Another thing you can do is adding a tree. People love shade and fruit trees. Now don’t spend $1,500 on a huge tree. You can buy a smaller tree and let it grow. Even a young small tree will add value.

5. Bathroom Update

Now I am not talking about gutting your bathroom down to the studs. I am just simply saying you should consider doing a few things that will update the look and feel of your bathroom.

You should already be considering repainting the bathroom, as we discussed in point number two but there are a few other items you can update that will increase your home’s value.

Every dollar you spend updating your bathroom will add value to your home. If you are a DIYer then you can expect to increase your value by almost double what you spend.

If you hire a contractor to do the work, you will have to be careful because the average return on investment on a bathroom remodel is 62% when using a contractor. That means you will only get about 62 cents on the dollar due to paying the high labor costs.

Don’t worry there are many things you can do yourself and you can save the labor costs.

Items you can update yourself:

This is just a list of a few thing you can do yourself.

Again, every dollar you spend updating your bathroom will increase the value of your home.


There are many things you can do to increase your homes value. If you are thinking of selling your home, I suggest reading my articles How to Improve Your Curb Appealand How to Sell Your Home for More”.

I would be more then happy to discuss more ideas with you about how to increase your home’s value. Leave me a comment or send me an email.

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