How to Tune Up a Furnace: Turning on a Furnace for the First Time of the Season

Well, its that horrible time of the year… you know it comes every year, but it still surprises you. It’s FURNACE SEASON!

I don’t know about you, but I dread this every year. If you’re like me you still haven’t turned on your furnace yet. I like to wait until my family is half frozen and then I wait a few more days just to save a few dollars on the gas bill.

I finally decided to turn the furnace on today which means I had to tune up the furnace, clean the furnace and put in a new furnace filter. I will show you how to tune up and clean your furnace step by step with pictures.

Skill Level – Advanced
Cost – $0
Time – 45 Minutes

Tools and Materials

Gas Leak Detector
White Lithium Grease
Furnace Filter
Shop Vacuum

1. Turn off the Power

Power OFF

We don’t want the furnace turning on and cutting a finger off right?

2. Take Off the Front Covers

Take Off Front Covers

There is usually a top and bottom cover and depending on what brand of furnace you have they may just lift up and off or you may have to unscrew them.

3. Wipe Everything with a Towel

Clean Furnace

Just be careful around all the sensors and wires.

4. Vacuum Out Any Dust and Debris

Clean Furnace

5. Oil Draft Induce Motor

Draft Induce Motor

Not all furnaces will have a draft induce motor and some motor are not able to be oiled. Use White Lithium Grease.

6. Check for Gas Leaks

Gas Leak Detector

Use a Gas Leak Detector like this digital one or you can buy the Bubble Leak Detector. Check all gas line connections.

7. Replace Covers

8. Install New Furnace Filter

I always use the best filter I can buy, I truly believe that it makes a difference.

9. Install New Batteries in the Thermostat

Programable Thermostat

I like to start off the winter season with new batteries so that I don’t wake up one winter morning to a house at 50 degrees. I usually take this time to set my Digital Thermostat.

10. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

You might want to change the batteries in them now unless you do them with daylight savings “Change your clock, change the battery”.

Most HVAC techs will check for carbon monoxide leaks around the furnace and at the registers. It is best to make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector near the furnace and on the main floor of your home.

Congratulations, now you are ready to be warm and start paying higher gas bills!

If you do not feel confident performing the tasks written above then you should call a Certified HVAC Technician.

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