How to Set a Post

Are you thinking about putting up a fence but you’re wondering how to set a fence post? I am going to show you how to set a post step by step with pictures.

I am actually setting two posts for the purpose of using them for a grape trellis. Next week I will write about how to install a grape trellis but for this week we are just setting the posts.

Setting posts for the most part is simple and just about anyone can do it. You can do one post in about 30 minutes. The hardest part is digging the hole, I did mine by hand using a Post Hole Digger. If you have just a few posts to set then digging by hand will be just fine. If you are going to be doing 10 or more posts you might want to rent an auger.

1. Dig the Hole

Dig post hole below the frost line

You will need to dig below the frost line. In my area this is three feet.

2. Put Post in the Hole

I actually had a couple posts left over from a different project. You can get your 4×4 Posts at any hardware store near you.

3. Pour Small Amount of Water into Hole

Water for setting cement for post

This is needed to help set the cement

4. Pour in Bag of Cement Mix

Fast setting cement for setting posts

If you buy the Quikrete Fast Setting cement designed for setting posts there is no reason to premix the cement, Just pour it in dry.

5. Make the Post Straight

Using a level to check for plumb

You will need to use a level to check for plumb and adjust the post as needed. You will want to do this quickly. Here is a link to the level I use.

6.  Pour in Water

Water for setting cement for post

Check the directions on the bag for the correct amount of water to add.

7. Tap down

Water for setting cement for post

Use a pole or 2×2 to tap down water and cement. This is ensure there are no air pockets.

8. Fill with Dirt

Fill Hole With Dirt

9. Check for Plumb Again

Using a level to check for plumb

Using a level check for plumb again and make adjustments as necessary. You will want to do this quickly.

10. Pack Down Dirt

Packed Down Dirt for Post

That’s it, you are all done! If you used the fast setting cement then you will need to let the post set for a minimum of 20 minutes before attaching anything to the post.

Everything you need to complete this job can be found at your local Home Depot.

Make sure you check out my article “How To Make a Grape Trellis”. If you have any ideas for future projects send me a message or reply on this article.

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