How to Make Drywall Plugs

There are many reasons you may need to make a drywall plug. The reason I needed to make these is because I insulated my walls from the interior of my home, read my article “How to Insulate Your Walls”.

The drywall plugs are quick and easy to make.

Skill – Beginner

Time – 10 Minutes

Cost – $1

Tools and Materials


3” Hole Saw

5” Hole Saw (or similar size)

Power Drill

Utility Knife

  1. Drill 3” Hole


You want to Drill about 95% of the way through the drywall but NOT ALL THE WAY!!! You need to leave the layer of paper intact. It is best to make the first hole from the back side of the paper, but I have done it both ways and it doesn’t make to much of a difference.

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  1. Drill 5” Hole


You need to use the same pilot hole that was created when making the first 3” hole. This time you want to go all the way through. I found it best to flip the drywall over and start from the front side. This cuts the paper cleaner. I was finding that going from the back was tearing the paper.

  1. Score Outer Ring with Utility Knife

Score Outer Ring

You will want to make 4-6 cuts along the outer ring to help you break the ring off.

  1. Peel Off the Outer Ring

Take Off Outer Ring

You can break the ring along the score lines and peel the pieces off from the front paper. Try not to tare any of the paper.

  1. Clean Up the Edges
Drywall Plug
Drywall Plug

You will need to clean up or trim the edge of the plug. Use your utility knife to cut and scrape the edge of the drywall to make the plug fit into the hole.

It is that simple! Your plug is now ready to fill in a 3” hole. I will write an article next week on “How to Patch a Drywall Hole”.

The whole process will only take a few minutes. Using these plugs is one of the best and fastest ways to fill a large hole in drywall.

If you have any questions leave me a comment bellow.

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