How to Make a Grape Trellis

We planted grapes this year and I finally found time to install a trellis system for the grape vines. I installed the 4×4 Posts last week, read my article “How to Set a Post” to learn more.

The posts took me about one and a half hours to install and the trellis system took me about one and a half hours to install. You could do the whole task in about half a day. Depending on where you buy your materials the cost will be about $100, depending on what tools and materials you already have.

Skill – Intermediate

Time – 4 – 6 Hours

Cost – $100 – $125

Tools and Materials

4″x4″x6′ Posts (2 Needed)

9 Gauge Wire

12 Gauge Wire

Wire Vise (2 Needed)

Wire Clamp (2 Needed)

T – Posts (2 Needed)

Bolt Cutters



7/32″ Drill Bit

1/2″ Drill Bit


Post Driver (Optional)

  1. Mark the Height for both Wires

Mark height on 4x4

I chose to do a three foot and four and a half foot wire. Once you mark your spots on the first post you will need to transfer them onto the second post. This can be done with a string and a level or a laser level.

  1. Drill a Hole for Both Wires on Both Posts

Ryobi Drill

I used 7/32 and 1/2 inch drill bits in my Ryobi Drill.

Use the 7/32 bit to drill all the way through the posts for both wires. Then use the 1/2 bit to drill 3/4 of the way through the holes on only ONE of the posts. That is where you will install the wire vise later.

  1. Cut the Length of Wire that is Necessary

9 Gauge Wire

I am using 9 Gauge Wire and I used Bolt Cutters.

  1. Feed Wire Through Hole

Feed Wire through Hole

Feed enough to wrap around post and fit through clamp.

  1. Clamp Wire

Wire Clamp on grape trellis wire

I am using 3/8 Wire Clamps.

  1. Feed Wire Through the Other Side

Feed wire through 4x4 post

  1. Put Wire Vise on Wire

Wire vise on wire

It works best if you feed the wire all the way through and then put the Wire Vise onto the wire and then pull the wire through the Vise and push the Vise into the hole.

  1. Screw Vise onto Post

The package for the wire vise will come with screws.

  1. Pull Wire Tight

Pull the Wire Tight

You can trim the extra wire, but you will want to leave some on to be able pull the wire tight after the weight of the grape vines pull the wire down. I bent my wires down so they don’t scratch anyone walking by.

Wire Trimmed and Bent

  1. Repeat Steps 3-9 for the Second Wire

I started with the lower three foot high wire and did the higher four and a half foot wire second.

  1. Install Vertical Wires Above Each Plant

Vertical Wire About Each Plant

I used 12 Gauge Wire for this. Attach the vertical wire to the top and bottom wires so the grape vine has something to climb.

  1. Install T-Posts Between Plants

T-Post Between Each Plant

I planted 3 grape vines eight feet apart, so I only needed two T-Posts. After hammering them down attach the wires to them to keep the wires from sagging in the middle.

That’s it. Now you have a great looking grape trellis that doesn’t cost too much. Almost everything needed to do this can be bought at your local Home Depot. The one item I couldn’t get there was the Wire Vise, I got this on Amazon.

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