How to Lube a Garage Door

This is the best time of the year to grease your garage door. Actually, I lube my garage door twice a year, Spring and Fall. I encourage you to grease your garage door now before the cold winter season wearing down your garage door opener.

Winter can be hard on the garage door opener and motor. Another good reason to do it now is that you won’t have to do it when it is only 20 degrees and snowing. Doing it now will extend the life of your garage door opener.

Skill – Beginner
Time – 15 minutes
Price – $6

Tools and Materials
White Lithium Grease

1. Spray White Lithium Grease into Pivot Points

Pivot Point

Pivot Point

2. Spray White Lithium Grease into Bearings on Rollers

Bearings on Roller

3. Spray White Lithium Grease onto Spring


4. Spray White Lithium Grease onto Motor Rail

Motor Rail

That’s all there is to it. Remember to wipe off any excess grease. After you spray all locations you should open and close the garage door two or three times to spread the grease around. If you garage door hadn’t been lubed in a year or two or if it was noisy before it should start getting quiet by the second time you open and close it.

Thanks for reading good luck on your next home improvement project.

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