How to Insulate Your Walls

Does your home lose heat? Does your home feel drafty? Do your walls feel cold in the winter? You may need to insulate the walls of your home. Insulating the walls of your home will help both in winter and the summer. Insulating your home will improve help lower your utilities bills all year long and make your home more comfortable.

In this article I am going to show you how to insulate your walls, but I suggest you also read my article on “How to Insulate Your Attic”.

Skill – Intermediate

Time – 4 Hours to 1 Day

Cost – $100 – $200

Tools and Materials

Loose Fill Insulation

Insulation Blower Machine

Walkie Talkies

3” Hole Saw

3” Wall Plugs

Power Drill

Stud Finder

  1. Decide if You are Going to Insulate from Inside or Outside

I am insulating my wall from the inside, if you decide to insulate from the outside don’t worry its mostly the same process. I have a brick house, so I must insulate from the inside.

If you insulate from the outside, you may need to remove a few pieces of siding before drilling through the exterior walls.

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  1. Find and Mark the Studs

Stud Finder to Mark Studs

If you are insulating from the outside you will just need to follow the nail lines for the wood siding on your home.

If you are insulating from the inside you will need to use a Stud Finder to find and mark the studs.

  1. Drill 3” Holes Between the Studs

Holes Between Studs

You will need to drill 3” holes because the blower machine has a 3” hose for the insulating process. You will need to drill between the studs and at the top of the wall cavity.

You will also need to drill holes below all windows.

Holes Below Windows

You may need to drill 1” holes in smaller wall cavities. You will find this to be the case next to windows and at the end of the walls.

  1. Buy Insulation and Rent Blower Machine

You will need to get Cellulose Insulation to insulate your walls. You can read my Product Review on cellulose insulation. With cellulose insulation you will be dense packing your walls which makes one of the best R Values for your walls.

  1. Stage Your Work Station

Insulation Blower Machine

You will need two people for the insulating process. One person feeds the machine and the other handles the hose.

If you are insulating from the inside, then you will want to cover everything in your house with plastic to keep the dust off.

  1. Put the Hose in the Wall

Blow in Insulation Hose

You will want to put the end of the hose in the wall about 1”.

  1. Set the Damper About Half Open

When filling wall cavities with 3” hole openings you can use the machine with the damper about half open. You may need to fill a few holes with the 1” adapter, when doing this you will need to close the damper almost all the way.

  1. Start Feeding the Machine

Make sure your partner has the hose in the wall before you turn on the machine or it will get extremely messy. You will need to turn the machine off as soon as the cavity is full. You may need to use a walkie talkie but if you don’t have any it will be ok. The person at the machine can actually hear a different sound at the machine when the cavity is full.

  1. Fill the Rest of the Wall Cavities

Insulated Wall Cavity

Each time you fill a cavity turn the machine off then move the hose to the next cavity and start again.

  1. Patch Holes

If insulate form the outside, you can buy plugs to cover the holes.

If you insulate from the inside, you will have to make plugs put of drywall. Read my article “How to Make Drywall Plugs”.

The whole process will take a few hours to fill all the cavities on the exterior walls of your home. When you finish up you will immediately notice a difference in your home. My walls raised in temperature within 1 hour of finishing insulating.

Good luck with your insulating job.

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