How to Install Window Wells

I am going to show you step by step with pictures how to install Window Wells on your basement windows.

I decided to install window wells on the basement windows of my office. I am having some water intrusion issues in the basement of my office, so I decided it was time to fix the issues. I put in a French Drain and window wells to fix the water intrusion problem.

Skill – Intermediate

Time – 8 Hours

Cost – $50 to $100 (Depends on number of window wells you install)

Tools and Materials

Window Well Wall

Window Well Cover (Optional)

Concrete Anchors


Hammer Drill

Concrete Drill Bit

Washed Gravel


  1. Dig Around the Window

You will want the hole deep enough to have the bottom edge of the window well wall to be about 2” below the bottom of the window. This way you can fill the inside of the well with 2” of gravel for drainage.

I installed a French Drain below the window wells to carry away any water that will get into the window well. You could also put a window well cover on to keep the water out.

  1. Drill Holes in the Foundation

Drilling Through Concrete Wall

Mark holes and drill into foundation wall.

I highly recommend the Ryobi Hammer Drill from Home Depot. Right now you can get the combo pack for $99. Read my product review on the Ryobi Hammer Drill.

  1. Screw Window Well onto Wall

Tapcon Screw Anchor

I used 2 3/4” Tapcon concrete anchors with washers.

  1. Fill Window Well with Gravel

Fill with Washed Gravel

Back fill inside of window well to help with drainage and to prohibit weed and grass growth. You could also put down Garden Fabric to keep the weeds out. You will also want to back fill around the outside of the window well wall with topsoil.

  1. Install Window Well Cover

This step is optional. If you have a drain in the window well, you will not need a cover. I installed a French Drain below my window wells, so I do not need a cover. Check out my article to see how to install a French drain.

Good luck on your project!

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