How to Install a Medicine Cabinet

We decided that we would like more storage space in our bathroom. We just had a mirror on the wall, so we decided to install a recessed medicine cabinet. This will give us a little more storage space and it will look nice too.

This is a project that most homeowners would be able to do on their own.

Skill – Intermediate

COST – $25 – $200

TIME – 60 Minutes

Tool and Materials

Reciprocating Saw (Optional)


Drywall Saw


Measuring Tape

Stud Finder

Medicine Cabinet


Wood Screws

  1. Remove Old Mirror

Remove Old Mirror

If you are replacing a mirror with a new medicine cabinet, then your first step would be to remove the old mirror.

  1. Find the Middle of the Light Fixtures or Sink

Measure and Mark the Center

If you have wall lights like I do, then you will want to make the middle of them. If you don’t have wall lights, then you will want to find the middle of the sink and mark it on the wall.

  1. Locate the Wall Studs

Find and Mark Wall Studs

Your mirror will fit in the space between the wall studs. Use a stud finder to mark the studs on the sides.

  1. Measure the Mirror and Mark the Outline on the Wall

Mark Outline on the Wall

You will need to make the outline 1/4 to 1/2 larger then the back of the mirror, (the recessed medicine box, not the actual mirror on the front).

  1. Cut Out the Outline

Cut Out Drywall

You can use a reciprocating saw of a drywall hand saw. You may notice there are wires at the top of the space for the medicine cabinet, these are at the back of the wall and do not require me to move them. When you are cutting out your drywall make sure your are careful not to cut any wires that may be in the wall. You can use a Stud Finder that is also a wall scanner for locating electric wires.

  1. Check Fit


Add shims if needed.

  1. Attach Medicine Cabinet to Wall

Install a Medicine Cabinet

Using wood screws attach the medicine cabinet to the wall. Screw into the studs on the sides of the medicine cabinet. Follow the directions that came with the medicine cabinet.

Now you have more storage space and an updated mirror.

Everything you need can be purchased at your local Home DepotLinks to all the products are above in the Tools and Materials section of this article.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your future projects.

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