How to Install a LED Light Fixture

I am going to show you step by step with pictures how to replace an old Light Fixture with a new LED Light Fixture.

A few years ago I replaced my old light in my kitchen with a new one but it wasn’t bright enough. This time I went with a LED Light Fixture. It is definitely bright enough now. I highly recommend the LED Light Fixtures. I have used a few different brands and I like them all so far.

Skill – Intermediate

Time – 15 Minutes

Cost – $20 to $50 (Depends on the actual fixture you pick)

Tools and Materials

Light Fixture

Stripping Pliers

Wire Nuts

Electrical Tester

4 in 1 Screwdriver

  1. Turn Off Power

Breaker in off position

Turn off the power at the breaker box. Then test to see if there is power at the fixture by turning on the switch. After you take the old fixture down you can use your electrical tester to make sure there is now power.

Since your power is off you might want to think about replacing the light switch at this point. Read my article “How to Replace a Light Switch” to learn more.

  1. Disassemble the Old Light Fixture

Light Fixture Wiring

This is going to be slightly different with each light fixture.

  1. Disconnect the Wires

Disconnect Wires

Make sure you know which wire is the Hot, Neutral and Ground. Usually but not always the Black will be Hot, White will be Neutral and Bare will be Ground. If you are not sure you can use your electrical tester to determine which wire is Hot.

If you are not comfortable doing this, you should probably hire a licensed electrician.

  1. Disconnect the Old Fixture Bracket

There should be two screws holding the bracket to the ceiling box. Just unscrew these two screws.

  1. Attach the New Fixture Bracket

Light Fixture Bracket

The light fixture should come with all the needed hardware to install the new light fixture. You should have two screws to attach the bracket to the ceiling box.

  1. Attach the Center Rod to the Light Fixture

LED Light Fixture

I like to attach the center rod before I attach the fixture to the ceiling.

  1. Attach the Ground Wire

Ground Wire on LED Light Fixture

If you have a ground wire in the box you will need to attach this to the ground wire on the light fixture and then connect it to the bracket.

If you do not have a ground wire in the box you just have to connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the bracket.

  1. Connect Hot and Neutral Wires

Hot and Neutral Wire Connection

On your new light fixture there will be a black/hot wire and a white/neutral wire. Connect these to the corresponding wires in the box, Hot to Hot and Neutral to Neutral. Then carefully push wires into the ceiling box.

  1. Attach the Light Fixture to the Bracket

LED Light Fixture

You should have two long screws that you need to attach to the bracket. Then the light fixture will attach to these two screws. Once you have the fixture onto the screws you can now tighten the screws.

  1. Attach the Glass Cover

Attach Glass on LED Light

You will need to put the glass cover on and attach with a plastic or rubber washer then a metal washer and then the nut. Now put the put the decorative cap and nut on and you are all done.

New Light Fixture

Turn the breaker on and turn the light switch on but don’t look directly at the light. These new LED Light Fixtures are very bright. It will lighten up your entire room.

I need to put in this disclaimer… In most areas all electric work is to be done by a licensed electrician. This tutorial is for informational purposes only.

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