How to Fix Cabinet Drawers

Is your cabinet drawer starting to fall apart? Is the face of your cabinet drawer starting to fall off? Mine were and I will show you how to fix your cabinet drawers in under five minutes.

My cabinets and cabinet drawers are original to my house which was built in the 1950’s. The cabinet drawers have been slowly falling apart over the years and I finally decided I was going to fix them.

I don’t know why I put this project off for so long because it was quick and easy to repair my cabinet drawers. It will only take a few tools and about five minutes per cabinet drawer.

There are a few different ways that cabinet drawers are manufactured and some of the steps may involve a slightly different technique when putting the face and side rails back together.

I also have an article “How to Fix Dresser Drawers” that will go over this same topic but for a dresser that I needed to fix.

Skill –               Beginner

Time –             5 Minutes

Cost –              $5

Tools and Materials Needed

Wood Glue

Brad Nail Gun



Tooth Picks (or something similar in size)

Q-tips (or something similar in size)

  1. Take the Drawer Out and Empty it

Empty Cabinet Drawer

My first drawer I did was my silverware drawer which is used the most and needed the most attention.

You will need to take the drawer out and empty it out to be able to properly repair it.

  1. Pull Out Nails

Loose Nails

To get the face and side rails to fit together properly you will need to take the nails out. After you have the nails out you can check to see how well the drawer face fits together with the side rails.

  1. Glue Drawer Face

Use wood glue and push it into the space between the layers of the drawer face. I used tooth picks for this.

Glue Cabinet Face

Make a bead of glue along the gap and force it into the gap with a tooth pick or something similar. I also used a tooth pick to wedge the gap open wider to be able to push the glue in deeper.

Repeat for opposite side if necessary.

  1. Clamp Drawer Face Together

Clamp Cabinet Face

Clamp down the face as tight as you can get it with out breaking it. Wipe off any excess glue that seeps out.

  1. Glue Side Rail

Clamp Cabinet Side Rails

It was easier for me to place a bead of wood glue along the inside of the drawer face then on the side rail.

  1. Clamp the Side Rail to the Drawer Face

Before you nail everything together you will want to clamp it all together really tight.

  1. Nail Side Rail to Drawer Face

Nail Cabinet Together

Using a Brad Nail Gun, you will need to nail through the side rail in into the face plate.

Make sure you pay attention to the angle you are nailing, you don’t want to brad nail to come through the inside or outside of the drawer.

  1. Wipe off Excess Glue
  2. Let Dry

Don’t take your clamps off until everything is completely dry. Check the manufacturers label on the wood glue you are using for drying times. I suggest leaving it alone for a minimum of 2 hours.

Congratulations! Your have Just fixed your cabinet drawers. It really is quick and easy and if you have the right tools already it won’t cost you much either.

I already had everything I needed so this job cost me a total of $0.

Remember to check out my article “How to Fix Dresser Drawers”.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you were able to save your cabinet drawers like I did.

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