How to Caulk a Bathtub

Is the caulk around your bathtub cracking, or is it peeling away from the tub or wall? Maybe it has turned moldy and it wont come clean? It may be time to replace it with new caulk.

In less then 1 Hour you can caulk your bathtub or shower and make it look new again. Read bellow to see the step by step process with pictures.

Skill – Beginner
Time – 45 Minutes
Cost – $8

Tools and Materials

Bathtub Silicone Caulk
Caulk Gun
Utility Knife
Caulk Tool
Needle Nose Pliers

1. Remove the Old Caulk

Old Caulk Around Bathtub

You may need to use a utility knife, scraper and plyers to remove the old caulk.

Utility Knife Cutting Caulk

Use a utility knife and cut along the top of the caulk where it touches the tub or shower surround.

Scraper Taking Off Caulk

Use a scraper to loosen the caulk from the tub.

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2. Clean the Tub and Surround.

Scrape the Tub Clean

Your going to have to use a little elbow grease here. You can use your scraper but be careful not to scratch the tub or surround.

3. Apply the New Caulk

Apply Bead of Caulk

There are a few different ways to apply the caulk. If you are a professional and use a caulk gun every day you may be able to apply a straight perfect bead the first time. Most of us will need to use a Caulk Tool to help us get it perfect.

You can also tape off the surround and tub, I chose not too. If you decide to use tape make sure you leave enough gap for the caulk to be able to attach both the tub and surround.

4. Scrape the Caulk Straight

Caulk Tool Makes a Straight Smooth Bead

I like to use a Caulk Tool for this, but you can use your finger. If you decide to use your finger remember to wet your finger first and keep a few paper towels nearby.

If you used tape make sure to remove it before the caulk has time to dry. Refer to the manufacturer’s label for drying time.

5. Allow Caulk to Cure


You will need to allow the caulk to completely dry to cure. Read the manufacturer’s label to find out the recommended drying time.

Caulk Around Bathtub

Now your bathtub or shower should look brand new! It really isn’t too hard or complicated, this is a task that every homeowner could do on their own. Good luck on this one and your next home improvement project you do.


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